Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 820 - Scott's Bad Idea #4,579

I've had 4,578 bad ideas in my life. To name a few: buying Lisa a home botox kit for her birthday, trying to flip homes in the Las Vegas area for the past three years, and investing money in a company coming out with thong dental floss. Tonight I just added another.

Since we are planning to leave Sacramento in a few days, I'm trying to figure out a way to pack everything up efficiently since we will probably bring back more than we took up. I realized if we had more room in our backseat then that would solve our problem. But we of course have two car seats and a keg taking up our entire backseat.

So my brilliant mind went to work and I came up with the solution: we could pack one of our kids in a box! Since Andrew is the smaller of our two kids, I thought I would do a trial run with him. Unfortunately, it didn't work out so well. Take a look...

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Anonymous said...

I love that Emma looks totally thrilled at seeing her brother laying there dead!