Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 819 - Conversations with Emma

Since I forgot to bring my drawing pens and pencils for a Cartoon Wednesday, I thought I would do another exciting installment of conversational mishaps, blunders, and misinterpretations with Emma.

Unfortunately, Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa are a little under the weather. Despite all of Crazy Grandma's germ avoidance methods (i.e. constant cleaning, washing hands, the installation of a sprinkler system that sprays a mist of bleach in the house every five minutes), sometimes you just can't hide from a virus.

Since Crazy Grandma does not want to get the kids sick, she started to wear a medical face mask around the house. When the kids first saw Crazy Grandma with the mask on they were rather confused and raised an eyebrow at her appearance. As a matter of fact, I raised an eyebrow too because it was rather frightening. No joke...take a look:

Aftermath of a botched Extreme Make-Over.

Since the kids seemed so concerned about Crazy Grandma's appearance, I thought I would allay their terror by explaining to them why Crazy Grandma had a mask on.

"Don't worry," I told the kids. "Grandma is okay. Do you think she looks funny?"

Both of the kids said, "Yaaaaah."

"Grandma is a little sick so she doesn't want you to get sick, ok?"

Both of the kids said, "Ooookaaaay."

"Andrew, do you know what's on Grandma's face?"

Andrew didn't answer. Probably still in shock.

"Emma, do you know what's on Grandma's face?"

Emma thought a little bit. And then she said, "Diaper!"

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