Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 669 - Picture Friday

I finally admit Emma is the larger child after seeing her push Andrew around in a stroller.

Andrew's happiness was temporary after the treadmill opened up and crushed his wistful smile.

Emma's love towards dogs overshadowed the pain of the dog gnawing her right arm.

Andrew is next in line after Lisa's and Emma's successful Caucasian operation.

"Yes. I was wondering if you could page Jacques Strapp for me."

"Stop looking at my balls."

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 668 - On A Scale From 1 to 10

Every ethnicity has certain stereotypes associated to them; the Japanese are no exception. I suppose common stereotypes for the Japanese would be: we know karate, we eat nothing but rice and fish, male Japanese have gigantic penises (really, we do!), and math is second nature to us.

Although math was always a struggle for me, it wasn't the most difficult subject for me; the most difficult subject was self-defense from bullies who mocked my daily lunch of rice and fish. But maybe Emma won't have this trouble with math (and bullies) because she is now able to recite the numbers one through ten!

I'm not too sure when she memorized these numbers because for the longest time the only number she would say was the number two. I would have fun with this and ask her random questions. "How many legs do you have?" "Two." "How many hands do you have?" "Two." "How many testicles does Daddy have?" "Two." "How many testicles does Mommy have?" "Two."

Here is a video of Emma reciting her numbers!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 666 - Toddler Tussle

Andrew is used to taking things away from Emma because she does not fight back. This all started because Andrew learned to crawl before Emma. As a baby, Andrew would crawl to Emma and take away whatever she had, be it a doll, a book, or a cigarette. But Emma could not do anything because she did not know how to crawl. The best she could do is make a reach for it and then fall flat on her face; this explains her flat nose.

As they both learned to walk, Andrew continued this behavior, but Emma did not seem to care. She could be playing with some blocks, a ball, or a butterfly knife, and if Andrew took it away she would just grab another toy to play with -- which Andrew would also eventually take away.

But times are a changing: Emma is fighting back. No longer can Andrew just grab from Emma a toy car, a crayon, or adult erotica. If Andrew takes something away now, Emma will scream and run after him. It's rather amusing seeing the chase take place because toddlers run in a way that makes you laugh at their awkwardness. Visualize a marathon run by drunken munchkins and then you'll get the idea.

I wish we had some video, but here are a series of pictures that shows the intensity that happens when the kids fight over an object. In this case, the object is a pumpkin head doll (...please...don't ask...).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 665 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked whether or not we should potty train the not-yet-ready-for-potty-time Andrew. Sixty-eight percent of you thought we should just go with the flow (so to speak) and see what happens to Andrew as we potty train Emma. And then twenty-five percent believed that we should not potty train Andrew until he is ready. I forgot to mention that another option I suggested to Lisa was a colostomy bag. If you have been an avid reader of this blog, I think you know what Lisa told me not to be (Hint: It can be misspelled as 'dumas.').

Lisa and I agree that we're not going to force Andrew to be potty trained if he doesn't show a strong interest in it. He does enjoy sitting down on the potty chair, but he also enjoys standing in it and using it as a helmet. Studies show that boys tend to take longer to potty train than girls, but I think as Emma continues potty training, Andrew may show more interest and want to be a part of the process more. I guess a good way to look at it is that once Emma is out of diapers, we'll only have two people left in the house in diapers (Hint: The second person ain't me!).


We are using our double stroller less and less. If we know we are going somewhere that involves a lot of walking, we'll put the kids in the stroller or a mini Segway. Otherwise, we let the kids roam around and explore their surroundings.

Unfortunately, the freedom we give the kids catalyzes a good amount of frustration and stress into our well-being. For instance, we were at an obon festival (If you don't know what it is, go Google it. You're on a computer anyways, lazyass.), and I was in charge of watching Andrew. Sometimes Andrew is like that toy car that is over-wound and when you release it, all hell breaks loose.

I was in the chicken teriyaki line and had a really difficult time keeping Andrew next to me. I was holding onto his hand, but he was circling me, running left and right, and resisting my efforts to keep him close to me. At that moment, I became the frustrated parent pleading with my kid to heed my commands lest the wrath that shall be unleashed will know no end. Before I could say another word, an old Japanese women hunched over from one too many years in the rice patty fields approached me. She pointed her chopstick-like fingers at me and said, "Let your child act his age. They grow up too fast."

So what do you think of that? Do you think she was right? Wrong? Or was she just drunk on sake and looking for a good time? Because if you think the latter, I did get her phone number, but I'm a little nervous to call her.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 664 - Share & Share Not Alike

Sometimes behavior that the kids exhibit may not make sense at first, but there's always a certain amount of logic to it. It may take a few moments to figure it out, but it's always there. I tend to take a little longer to figure out weird, immature, and ridiculous behavior, but it's second nature to Lisa. I wonder why...

Emma and Andrew are beginning to become a little more possessive of certain toys and are resistant to share them. Andrew is especially a problem because he is much more apt to take things than Emma. Over the past few months, Emma has changed from a passive victim to a I'm-going-to-kick-you-in-the-balls fighter.

Just recently, Emma's behavior has once again changed when Andrew takes a toy away from her. After the initial struggle, Emma uses her bulk weight and massive biceps to get the toy back from Andrew. This causes Andrew to whine much like the way I whine when Lisa takes away my video game privileges. You'd think the struggle would end here, but this is where you would be wrong. Emma takes an extra step and throws the toy in an unreachable place (i.e. over a safety gate, a pack-n-play, a mine field) so nobody can play with it.

I thought this was a rather illogical conclusion to a fight over a toy; after a struggle, why throw away the prize? It's just like when Lisa and I have arm wrestling contests. It would make no sense to me why Lisa would give up the trophy after repeatedly beating me two hundred fifty seven times. But then I realized Emma just does not find it worth her time to deal with Andrew's annoying curiosity so it is just easier for her not to deal with the toy at all.

It is a curious decision to me, but just like many things at this age it is just a phase. We try to encourage the kids to share things, but at the same time also respect each others belongings. As with most things, Lisa and I are trying to teach through example. I don't think the kids understand the word "prenup" yet, but once they do, their comprehension of division of property will soar.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 663 - Haircut...BAD!

Next weekend, Lisa's mom and Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan are going to visit. In preparation for the visit, we decided to get a professional to cut Andrew's hair. And just to clarify, when I used the word "professional" I am not referring to a prostitute. Although I did get a haircut from a whore while I was in college and ironically you still tip with singles.

When we got to the salon, Lisa stayed with Andrew while I took Emma for a walk since she did not need a haircut. As Emma and I walked towards a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, we passed a lingerie store with a scantily clad mannequin wearing a slip. Emma pointed to it and said, "Mama!" I just laughed and told Emma, "I wish."

By the time we got our order from Coffee Bean and made our slow walk back to the hair salon, Lisa and Andrew were already outside waiting for us. I could tell Lisa was not happy because she was carrying a cue card sign saying "I am not happy." When I finally saw Andrew, I could see what Lisa was unhappy about: Andrew's bangs were gone.

Lisa was upset at the hairdresser because she kept on goofing up on Andrew's hair. For instance, when she was going to trim Andrew's sideburns, the hairdresser said, "Whoops!" That's something you never want to hear your hairdresser or proctologist say out loud. The hairdresser told Lisa that Andrew was moving around so quickly that she totally cut off his sideburns. Well, there goes the muttonchops we were trying to grow out for the past 20 months!

As for Andrew's bangs, Lisa had to go pay for the haircut before the cash register closed. During those brief minutes when she was gone, the hairdresser chopped Andrew's bangs off. Although Lisa was angry over the haircut, she still gave the hairdresser a very good tip: Quit your damn job, you blind whore.

Although Andrew's hair doesn't look good, at least hair is one of those things that grow back...unlike a botched circumcision. To tell you the truth, if you part Andrew's hair off to the side, then it doesn't look too bad. But when his bangs are straight and hanging over his forehead, he looks a bit like Frankenstein. Hope he doesn't scare the in-laws when they visit next weekend.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 662 - Picture Friday

Good news: Emma is learning to be potty trained. Bad news: She just crapped in a toy box.

"Stop it, Emma! I could get a ticket because I don't have my hands-free device with me!"

Emma and Andrew make an oath that they will never be seen again in these ridiculous sunglasses.

"I am a tortured artist!"

I know this has nothing to do with Picture Friday, but Lisa took this picture of the Borat whore at the wrap party and I thought it was hilarious.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 661 - TheyTube

There are several things that are an immediate remedy to fussy kids. First of all, a sack of sugar will stop them fussing. The after effects aren't that pleasant, but it will stop the whining. Secondly, Jon and Kate news on gossip shows. For some reason, Emma and Andrew stop their fussing when they see Jon and Kate segments on the television. I think it makes them feel lucky that their parents aren't total douche bags. And lastly, YouTube.

The great thing about YouTube is that there is an insane amount of short video clips that are appropriate for Emma and Andrew. One thing that I do when the kids are unusually grumpy is that I sit them on my lap and play a couple of songs from the Sesame Street channel on YouTube. And if they're really grumpy, I make them watch news reports on child labor in China to make them appreciate their life and their ten fingers.

One song that I play for the kids is called "One Fine Face." I know, I automatically thought it was a song about my face, but you are wrong. It's a song that helps you learn all of the parts of your face. I've played the video so many times that the kids know the song by heart. Now that I know the kids are able to copy things, I think I'm going to show them YouTube clips on running cables and using power tools (I've been thinking about mounting my flat screen on the wall.).

Here's a clip of the kids watching the video:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 659 - Crazy Grandma Ichikawa Storytime

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into a dirty home...dun dun...dun dun...dundundundundundundundun...AHH! It's Crazy Grandma Ichikawa Storytime!

Before Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa returned to Sacramento, all of my aunts and uncles from Northern California drove down to Los Angeles for a family event. It had been almost half a year since we last saw them because it was around Christmas.

They were surprised to see how much the kids had grown over the past six months. When they last saw Emma and Andrew, the kids were still in their diapers, couldn't talk, and drank out of bottles. Cut to now, and the kids are still in their diapers, still can't talk, and still drink out of bottles. If this is the pace of childhood development, wake me up in eighteen years.

Nobody is ever surprised the way I look because I've looked pretty much the same for the past twenty years. My face has not really changed much at all and my body shape (despite its muscular perfection) is also very similar. If you don't believe me, look at a picture of me from elementary school:

But back to Crazy Grandma... This evening we were video chatting with Crazy Grandma on the laptop computer. Lisa started talking to Crazy Grandma, and Crazy Grandma asked her what our plans were for the weekend. Lisa told her we were going to go out to dinner with friends, and she was going to go get a haircut.

"Ooooooh," moaned Crazy Grandma like a sick cow. "You get haircut?"

"Yup. Going to go get a haircut on Saturday," repeated Lisa.

"Dat good, dat good," said Crazy Grandma. "You know I was talking to Auntie Sachi and Auntie Ruriko and dey tell me dey rike your hair when it short."

"That's why I'm getting a haircut," explained Lisa as if she was talking to one of her five year old students.

"Good good. Dat good. You know what dey say about your haircut? Guess what dey say!"

"I give up," said Lisa without even trying.

"Dey say you rook goooooor-geous. Dat right. Dey tought you rook so gore-gee-us with your hair cut so short."

"Oh wow. They thought I looked gorgeous?"

"Yup yup. Dat what dey say," exclaimed Crazy Grandma. "But you know what I say to dem? I say, 'Reeeeeally? You reeeeeally tink so?'"

And then Lisa grimaced as Crazy Grandma continued to say, "HAHAHA! I make funny! HAHAHA!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 658 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I wondered what we should do about the kids being afraid of things on television. Forty-five percent of you thought we should just fast-forward or turn off the television when something comes on that may scar the kids for life. Right behind, twenty-seven percent thought we should just leave the television off and read the kids a book. I would totally agree with that except the kids did not seem any less scared after I read Maus and Watchmen to them.

Although the kids still watch some television shows off of our Tivo, we have also decided to play DVDs that we know will not scare either of the kids. We have a few Elmo and Blue's Clues DVDs, and Lisa also has this really great DVD collection of animated Scholastic books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Curious George, and Harold and the Purple Crayon . Although I must admit her Scholastic DVDs got mixed up with my DVD porn collection so the kids ended up watching Chicka Chicka Boob Boob, Bi-curious George, and Harold and the Purple Penis.


As I mentioned a few days ago, we are trying to potty train the kids. Twice a day, Lisa puts the kids on the potty chair: after breakfast and right before bath time. So far the potty chairs have stayed as clean as the day we took them out of the box...unless you count the time we invited a family of midgets over for dinner and there was a sphincter evacuation after a bad batch of alfredo sauce.

Although both Emma and Andrew have shown interest in the potty chairs, Emma seems to be more ready for it than Andrew. Not only does she enjoy sitting on the chair, but Emma has communicated to us that she does not like it when she has a soiled diaper. On the other hand, Andrew could care less if he had a turd the size of a pineapple in his pants, and the potty chair is just another bucket for his toy cars.

Since we are beginning to potty train Emma because she is ready, do you think we should continue to try to potty train Andrew too? Or should we just concentrate on Emma now, and potty train Andrew when he seems ready? Personally, I say we just forget the potty training because in eighty years they will just be in diapers again.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 657 - Shi-Poo-Pee

For those of you who don't know me (which are many) or choose not to know me (which are more), I used to do a lot of theater when I was in high school and college. Amazingly, I even did quite a bit of musical theater despite my two left feet, shaky singing voice, and inability to do proper jazz hands.

In high school, I was Marcellus Washburn in a production of "The Music Man." The odd thing about the production was that the leading man who played Harold Hill was this Vietnamese kid who could sing, dance, and do jazz hands much better than me. I often wondered as I got older whether or not the audience thought they were watching "Flower Drum Song" or "Miss Saigon" instead of "The Music Man." They were probably waiting for a gigantic helicopter to descend from the rafters instead of a bunch of white kids singing "Seventy Six Trombones."

Anyways, I was putting Emma and Andrew to sleep and started to sing and dance this song from "The Music Man" called "Shipoopi." I have no idea what 'shipoopi' means although I would now guess that it is what you find in a diaper after a baby eats too much fruit. For some reason, Emma and Andrew thought it was the funniest song ever and laughed their gigantic baby heads off.

Here's a video of the hilarity:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 656 - Welcome Alex!

Today, our friends, Bernard and Joyce, had their second child, Alex. Alex will be a part of the Lee family and will join his older sister, Abby. Congratulations to all!

Although I must say it is quite ordinary and amateurish to give birth to two babies at two separate times, as an experienced father of twins I would like to give some advice to our dear friends about raising two kids:

-Although most kids know fire is dangerous and hot, you can not rely on them to douse out the other child if he/she is on fire. You'd really think it would be common sense to grab a fire extinguisher or a box of baking powder, but I guess it's not for babies.

-Sharing diapers is a bad idea. With the current economic downturn, I thought it would be wise to share diapers. I bought a box of extra large diapers (i.e. Depends) and put both Emma and Andrew into them. You'd think if they were stuck in Lisa's gut for thirty-six weeks, they'd be able to stand a night together in one diaper.

-They are bad theft deterrents. I figured if one dog can protect your property, two babies would do an even better job. On a similar note, it is illegal to leave your children inside an unattended vehicle even if it is to make sure your convertible isn't going to be stolen.

-Two kids do not equal double the sugar and spice and everything nice. All it equals is double the poop and pee and everything stinky.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 655 - Picture Friday

"Hey ladies. Go to and search for username 'poopiediaper' for a rockin' time."

Emma doing her best Betty Rubble impersonation.

"Am I not worth more than the FedEx Express Saver rate?"

"I love marshmallows!"

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 654 - Diaper Problems

Have you ever had the urge to just rip off your pants and underwear and roam around half-naked? I am sure most of us have had that feeling and as a matter of fact I am typing this blog without any pants on right now. Emma not only has the urge, but she actually has taken off her pants and diapers on quite a few occasions.

Unfortunately for us, she is taking off her diaper because she finds pooping and peeing into uncomfortable. What is even more uncomfortable is finding your daughter on the sofa without pants or diapers on and peeing. Lisa has found Emma doing that twice on our poor sofa. And please don't tell the potential buyers of our sofa from Craigslist that there are pee stains on the sofa; we are passing off the stains as a modern marbleized look.

There was also the time that Lisa found Emma in her crib half-naked with pee on the sheets and the diaper cradling a mound of freshly made butt brownies. We've been able to prevent Emma from doing this again because we now dress her in a onesie when she goes to sleep. I suggested cinching up a large garbage bag up to Emma's neck, but Lisa vetoed that idea with her "Another Dumbass Idea" stamp.

This all goes to say that we think Emma is ready to be potty trained. Although Andrew could care less whether or not he has pee, poop, or fondue in his pants, we'll probably try to potty train him too. Amazon already delivered the pink and blue potty chairs, as well as my blu-ray discs of "Showgirls," "Striptease," and "Dame Judi Dench Teaches Tea Etiquette."

I hope Lisa has a good idea of how to potty train the kids because I have no idea at all. I have a hard enough time peeing into the toilet without making a mess on the floor and don't even get me started about my poop mistakes. In a few days, I'll post an update to tell you how every thing is going. Personally, I think our progress is going to be really sh*tty...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 652 - Television Scare

In regards to yesterday's poll entry, something interesting happened tonight. I very rarely watch television when the kids are up, but tonight I decided to watch a little something. So after the kids drank their milk, I sat down on the sofa and grabbed the remote control. As soon as the television turned on, the kids ran to me and joined me on the sofa.

Unfortunately, the first thing that was on the television was the movie "Shrek." There was a scene where the dragon was chasing Shrek and Donkey, and it got Emma scared. So I immediately changed the channel and the movie "Pirate of the Carribean" appeared. Once again, it was a scene from the second movie where all of those half human/sea creature people were fighting. Emma must've been hating me because she just looked at me and crinkled her forehead as if she was saying, "What are you doing to me?"

I gave up and just changed the channel to NBC. One of those entertainment news shows was on and they were talking about Michael Jackson. I figured this would be a safe enough program to leave on because they were just talking about his legacy. As we were watching the news report, they began to show Michael Jackson through the years. They started off with him in the late 60s as a young boy in the Jackson 5. It was cute because the kids were moving their legs to the music.

But the whole night fell apart because when the pictures came on the screen of Michael Jackson from the 1990s with his nose disintegrating, Emma kinda lost it. Her jolly kicking legs became stiff with fear. She started pointing at the screen and whining a very unsettling, "eeeehhh eeeeeeehhhh!" It got bad enough where I just ended up turning off the television.

I found it very interesting that Emma had this response to Michael Jackson's face over the years. Even a small child of 22 months has enough common sense to know that something very peculiar was going on with this man's face. All I know is that I better make sure I never turn on the television set when Joan Rivers is on the air.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 651 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked whether or not we should theme the next birthday party for the kids. Much to my dismay, forty-three percent of you said that we should theme it. But thirty-seven percent thought we should keep the party small and cheap like an over-the-hill midget whore. I'm trying to convince Lisa that since eighteen percent thought we should compromise that means fifty-five percent thought we shouldn't go all out and throw a big themed bash. In response, Lisa said the compromise she will accept is either we throw a themed party or she kicks me in the balls.

I do have the feeling that this year's party is going to be themed. Lisa wants a disco themed birthday party because I opened my big mouth and made an observation about a 70s song. The song "September" was playing and it opens with "Do you remember the 21st night of September?" which is the day the kids were born. And all because of that, Lisa got all excited and said we HAVE to throw a disco themed birthday party. I think I may tell Lisa that her themed party makes me think of certain 80s songs like "You Dropped a Bomb on Me," "Love Is A Battlefield," or "She Drives Me Crazy."


Television can be a tricky thing with the kids. We're pretty good with regulating how much television they watch. Usually we let them watch about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon. They enjoy watching Elmo's World, Sid the Science Guy, Super Why, and Judge Mathis. But the tricky thing is that it's hard to figure out what the kids might find disturbing or scary.

For instance, we were watching a potty training DVD that starred Elmo (who knew Muppets have to crap!). One segment of the DVD had a large CGI cartoon gorilla trying to find a large enough toilet to take a monkey poop. Well the gigantic size of the gorilla got Emma scared so we had to fast forward that segment.

What do you think we should do? Do you think we're letting the kids watch inappropriate television shows? Do we just explain to the kids why they shouldn't be scared? Or should we just let them watch "Pulp Fiction" so anything else that they watch will seem tame in comparison?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 650 - Zzz..ust Kidding!

It's odd what the kids pick up sometimes. I'm not talking about things they may pick up off the street like leaves, twigs, or clumps of hair from homeless people. What I'm talking about is their behavior.

For instance, Andrew picked up this funny behavior of pretending to fall asleep. What makes it funny is that he snores. I have no idea where he picked this up from, but it just happened one day when we asked him if he wanted to take a nap. Instead of saying yes or no, he flopped on the floor and started to snore.

Here's a little video of Andrew going to sleep!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 649 - Summer School!

A few blocks away from the school Lisa works at is a Methodist church that has a daycare and preschool program. Once the kids get old enough or Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa get tired enough, we are going to enroll the kids into the church's preschool program.

In order to secure a place for the kids, the school director mentioned that children who are a part of the parent-toddler program have a secured place in their preschool. I was hoping the natural charm and personality of our kids would be enough, but alas it is not. So this summer, Lisa enrolled the kids into this parent-toddler program.

Yesterday was the first day of class. On Thursday night, we prepped the kids by telling them they're going to school. Strangely with no concept of what school is, Emma and Andrew started smiling and dancing as if they were excited. I calmed them down and explained to them that while school is potentially a great institution of learning, it is also a place of violence, verbal abuse, social and sexual ridicule, and a caste system that can either breed success or an abyss of failure and destitution. For some reason, the kids stopped dancing.

Overall, the kids really enjoyed themselves at school. There was no crying and no bleeding (unless you count Lisa's time of the month). The class is made of twelve toddlers from 22 months to 3 years old. Oddly, six out of the twelve kids are Asian which makes it really difficult because at the end of the day all of the Asian parents are trying to figure out which kid to bring home.

Instead of babbling on about Emma's and Andrew's first day of school, let me present some photos of this momentous day with some descriptions!

The first thing Emma and Andrew were drawn to was the fish aquarium. At home, we decorated their bedroom with an underwater theme so they know what fish are. The teacher aide let the kids feed the fish some food that was sprinkled into some mini wooden chalices. Emma did a good job feeding the fish; Andrew dropped the chalice into the aquarium. I reprimanded Andrew sternly by saying, "Jesus Christ! What the hell did you do, boy?"

Andrew's fascination with cars directed him towards a play rug with an assortment of cars, trucks, and trains. Although Andrew understands the difference between the names of vehicles, he calls them all "caaars." For instance, if you show him a picture with a bunch of vehicles and ask him to point to the train, he will point to it. But if he sees a train, he will say it is a "car." If you ask him to point to a wheelchair, he will point to it. But if he sees a wheelchair, he will say it is an "invalid mobile."

Thanks to Crazy Grandma Ichikawa, before Emma started playing in the kitchen area she had to pretend to wash her hands. Crazy Grandma is very happy that she has taught Emma to be neat and clean. Yet I will say for every time that Emma cleans her hands, she has also put her hand down her diaper getting her poop in her fingernails. Who's happy now, Crazy Grandma?

Emma continued to play in the kitchen with an assortment of plastic foods. I truly believe that we raised Emma and Andrew the exact same way (i.e. with inattentiveness), but I'm amazed at how each of them have gravitated towards stereotypically gender specific toys: Andrew with cars, and Emma with dolls and kitchen items. Although it doesn't explain why Andrew plays with Lisa's make-up, and Emma plays with my jock straps.

Another word that Andrew loves to say is "ball." Here he is playing with a basketball set-up. The basketball he was playing with was as big as his face, so I tried to explain to Andrew that he was playing with a big ball. After repeating it to him several times, he finally responded to me by pointing to my crotch and saying, "No balls."

After 45 minutes of indoor play and 15 minutes of singing time, the next 30 minutes of the day is outdoor play. I was shocked to find that only after several minutes, Emma climbed to the top of the large playground set and went down the slide. Ever since a baby, Emma always enjoyed the sense of motion much more than Andrew. She was the baby who had to be rocked and bounced to sleep, and she's the toddler who laughs a lot more when thrown into the air. Although it's not so funny when she is thrown accidentally into the ceiling.

Eventually, Andrew also made his way up to the slide and went down. He was a little more cautious than Emma which I think is a good thing. He is definitely not a wimp, but he has many years ahead of him to aspire to the heights of wimpiness that his Dad possesses.

After playing outside, the kids went inside, washed up, and had snack. Lisa said it was a little embarrassing because while all of the other kids got up from their chairs to play, Emma and Andrew were the last ones because they kept on eating. Andrew kept on eating crackers, and Emma was taking other kid's cups of milk.

Although I was a little hesitant about this summer class, the kids did seem to have a good time, and it's probably a good idea to have them socialize with other children. No offense to Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa, but when your 21 month year old children have interests that range from arthritis to denture cream, I think it's time to get some kids thrown into the mix.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 648 - Picture Friday

Emma practices her patented "Get Away From Me Andrew" move on the pillow.

After watching High School Musical, Andrew aspires to dance it up with bad hair like Zac Efron.

"I am SO going to be excited wearing a veil on my wedding day!"

"Any nostril hairs?"

"Wow. This sand digging thing gets old really fast..."

Have a great weekend!