Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 812 - Holiday Newsletter Part 2

The Ichikawa Holiday Newsletter

By Stephen King

While driving through the morning mist, Lisa wanted Scott to get on the cell and tell his parents about the move, but he did not want to deal with the drama. If Grandma Ichikawa found out, Scott would be a crazed running man trying to stay away from the reach of a psychotic Japanese woman with desperation in her almond-shaped eyes.

The Ichikawas made it to their new home in Portland, Maine. Lisa soon found work at a charter school called The School for New Englanders Who Have Never Met an Asian Woman. Scott set up his office and began work on the blog. But there was something about this house on Overlook Drive that started to do things to his already demented sanity.

Around Christmas, Scott’s erratic behavior intensified. Lisa broke the promise she made to Scott: she called Crazy Grandma for help. When Crazy Grandma received the call, she grabbed Lazy Grandpa, left the Indian casino, and flew to Maine despite warnings of the storm of the century.

The next day, Lisa heard a panicked knock at the front door. It was Crazy Grandma.

“Cu-jo! Cu-jo!” she screamed.

Although Lisa feared a rabid dog, there was nothing to fear. Due to the cold weather and Crazy Grandma’s Japanese accent, she was just trying to say, “Cup o joe! Cup o joe!”

Lisa took Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa to see their son. Scott cursed Lisa for inviting them over because he was trying to protect the family from them.


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