Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 817 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked you to find as many Stephen King references in our holiday newsletter. The poll was a roaring success as evidenced by the grand total of ONE person voting. A new poll record! One hundred percent of that one person who voted thought there were under seventeen Stephen King references in the newsletter. Well, sorry to disappoint you my lonely voting friend, but there are actually 24 Stephen King references.

Here are the references:
1) The state of Maine -- many of Stephen King's books take place in Maine.
2) Apt Pupil -- novella/movie
3) Insomnia -- novel
4) Graveyard Shift -- short story/movie
5) Misery -- novel/movie
6) Needful Things -- novel/movie
7) Trucks -- short story
8) Firestarter -- novel/movie
9) The Green Mile -- serial novel/movie
10) Christine -- novel/movie
11) Four Past Midnight --- novel
12) 1408 -- short story/movie
13) The Mist -- novella/movie
14) Cell -- novel
15) The Running Man -- novel/movie
16) Desperation -- novel
17) Portland, Maine -- Stephen King's birth place
18) Overlook Drive -- The hotel in The Shining was called the Overlook
19) Storm of the Century -- novel/mini-series
20) Cujo -- novel/movie
21) Crazy Grandma breaking through the bathroom door -- reference to The Shining
22) Diaper Champ spilling on top of Crazy Grandma -- reference to pig blood spilling on Carrie
23) Puking chain reaction -- reference to Stand By Me
24) Moving to Mexico -- reference to the end of The Shawshank Redemption

Perhaps there were not more votes because I was told by a friend that she was not a big Stephen King fan. So the next time I'll try to reference a writer who is much more well-respected and popular. Maybe someone like Perez Hilton or Sarah Palin...


Since arriving in Sacramento, Crazy Grandma has been generous with her advice on how to raise children. Very generous with advice. Very, very generous. So extremely generous that I have stabbed both of my ears with ice picks...and I can still hear her telling me advice.

A few days ago, a situation with Andrew occurred that Crazy Grandma has still not let go. I'll try to recount it for you with as little bias as possible (although it may be difficult since I am correct). Once a day, Emma and Andrew receive their sippy cup of apple juice. It's not really much juice because all we do is put a splash of apple juice into a cup full of water. Imagine peeing into a lake and you get the idea.

Late in the afternoon, Andrew finished his sippy cup of juice and asked for more. I told Andrew that he could have more water, but he had his juice for the day. Andrew began to cry. I filled his cup with water, and Andrew grew angrier when he realized there was no juice. He probably cried for a good 3-5 minutes before he stopped and drank his cup of water.

So what's the problem besides us being too cheap to give our kids an actual cup of apple juice? Crazy Grandma believes I was too strict and should've given Andrew more juice. I believe I did nothing wrong, and I did not want to get into a bad habit of Andrew thinking he can get what he wants by crying. What do you think?

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