Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 903 - Works (in progress) of Art

The kids are getting much better with their drawings. Instead of manic scribbles, they are now doing manic scribbles with flair. There are times when their doodles actually look like something, but I don't know if it's me doing a Rorschach test in which everything looks like Lightning McQueen or Minnie Mouse.

We've kept a few pieces of coloring and art that the kids have completed, but many of the more interesting things they have drawn are on their Magna Doodle boards. It was really killing us financially having to buy new Magna Doodles every time we wanted to save something, but I decided taking a picture would be easier and cheaper.

Here are a few doodles that the kids have done so far!

Kool-Aid Man
by Emma Ichikawa

Lightning McQueen
by Andrew Ichikawa

Nemo Fish
by Emma Ichikawa

Daddy Is a Poo-Poo
by Andrew Ichikawa

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