Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 889 - Conversations with Andrew

Although Crazy Grandma Ichikawa was still a little depressed because she would not be called Funny Grandma Ichikawa, she still found the energy to babysit and play with the kids. And it was a good thing she found the energy because all Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa did today was nap and watch the Weather Channel for seven hours straight (At least he was able to tell me tomorrow would be a high of 77 and a low of 52.)

During their playtime, Emma and Andrew went through their little basket of pretend clothes and pulled out their respective Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. Emma placed her Minnie ears on her head, and Andrew just stood there holding his Mickey ears. As is often the case with Andrew whatever Emma has, he MUST have it first.

"Minnie! Minnie! My Minnie," shouted Andrew as he tried to take away Emma's Minnie Mouse ears.

"No, An-doo," said Crazy Grandma. "Emma iz Mee-nee Mouse and you Mee-key Mouse."

"No," corrected Andrew. "I want Minnie!"

"No, An-doo," repeated Crazy Grandma. "Emma a girl, so she Mee-nee Mouse. You a boy, so you Mee-key Mouse."

"Minnie, Minnie! My Minnie!" whined Andrew.

Crazy Grandma tried to reason with Andrew one more time. "I toll you. Emma girl so she get Mee-nee earz. You no girl, so you get Mee-key."

Finally, Andrew just walked passed Crazy Grandma, snatched away the Minnie ears from Emma, and said, "I girl!"

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