Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 887 - Conversations with Emma

Preparing meals can be a difficult task when you have curious toddlers around the house. No matter how much you wish they would be like Daddy and not step a foot in the kitchen, they inevitably step into it over and over again.

Lisa was preparing a meal of burnt jello-kabobs and head of lettuce salad when Emma invited herself into the kitchen.

"What you do, Momma?" asked Emma.

"I'm making dinner," said Lisa. "But you need to go do something else."

I always wondered what little kids thought of the words 'something else' because they probably don't have a whole list of things to choose from. When you're only two years old I figure the only things they can do is annoy, destroy, and poop.

Emma continued to stay in the kitchen, so Lisa had to figure out a way to get her out.

"Emma," asked Lisa. "Do you want to color?"

"Okay! Color," Emma agreed jumping up and down.

So Lisa unfolded a blanket, brought out a few coloring books, and a box of crayons. This not only would keep Emma out of the kitchen, but this took just enough time for the first jello-kabob to burn.

While Lisa was snuffing out the jello-kabob, Emma started to fuss.

"Mamaaaaa," Emma called. "Mamaaaaa."

"What's wrong, Emma?"

"You color, too! Momma color," whined Emma.

Lisa explained, "I'm sorry, Emma. But Mommy is cooking. I can't color with you now."

Emma frowned, looked up at Lisa and said, "Oh, Momma. You trick me!"

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