Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 898 - The Best of Fiends

For the past few days, the kids have been randomly saying, "Mommy is the best." At first it was cute. But do you know that feeling of having a popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth? It now feels like that except instead of a popcorn kernel, it's an entire corn cob up your butt.

While getting the kids ready for bed tonight, Emma ran up to Lisa and said, "Mommy is the best." And then Andrew ran to Lisa and said, "Momma best." What's up with the cold shoulder? If this was a high school dance, I'd understand. But these are my two biological kids. The blood test proved it -- the results came in today (Lisa didn't seem too thrilled...).

As Andrew walked by me, I grabbed him and held him in my arms.

"Hey!" I asked. "Are you ignoring Daddy on purpose?"

Andrew just laughed at my desperation.

"Let me ask you a question. Mommy is the what?" I said.

"Best. Momma best," answered Andrew.

"Okay. So what is Daddy?"

Andrew stared at me.

"Daddy is the..."

No response.


Still no response.

"Come on, Andrew," I said wondering how much explanation I had to do. "If you and Emma say, 'Mommy is the best' all the time, then what is Daddy? Daddy is the..."

Finally, Andrew answered me, "!"

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