Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 894 - Conversations With Andrew

Although Andrew has been increasing his vocabulary and stringing more and more words together, he still occasionally babbles. Sometimes he'll even make a funny face or twist his tongue out of his mouth to make some weird sounds and noises. And as a parent, if your child is making weird sounds and noises, you definitely want it coming out from the mouth and not another place (Hint: it smells like ass and it's shaped like a hole.).

One time of the day when Andrew babbles is dinnertime. The problem with Andrew's babbling is similar to my tendency to drag out a joke: For the first 30 seconds it's pretty funny and amusing, but once you start doing it for minutes the likelihood that someone is going to cover your head with a plastic bag increases tenfold.

Tonight, Andrew had one of his babbling marathons during dinner.

"Dadah dadah daaaaaadah daaaaaaaaah," said Andrew.

"Yes, I'm Daddy," I answered.

"Maaaaaaaah mamamamama maaaaaaaaaaaaaamamama," continued Andrew.

"Yup, that's Mommy in the kitchen scrubbing the burnt pan," I explained.

"Baaaaba gaaaaaaboooooo dooooodoooo maaaaaaataaaaaatah," screamed Andrew.

"Okay, Andrew. That's enough."

But like any two year old kid, if you ask them to stop doing something this just eggs them on.

"Booooobaaaah fissssssssshhhhh yayayaya bababa mooooogeee!"

I ignored him.

"Jajajajaja yayayayaya lalalalalala mmmmmm WAH!"

Still ignored him.

"Ooooooooyaaaaaaaa haaaaahahahaha baaaaaanaaaaamaaaaaaa bababah!"

Finally, someone in the dining room had enough common sense to put a stop to this nonsense.

"Andrew, what ARE you saying?" demanded an annoyed Emma. "You sooo silly!"

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