Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 546 - Cross Dressing Baby

Emma still enjoys taking her clothes off around the house. She has only taken her shirt off once in public which wasn't too bad because a two year old boy slipped a $5 bill into her diaper (Yay! Blockbuster night!). Her nudity around the house hasn't caused any problems, but something unusual did happen today.

Emma was running around the house with her pink dress half on and half off. I assume she was copying the way I wear my sweatpants at home since impersonation is the greatest form of compliment, right? Anyway, Emma eventually got her dress off and started running around naked. I assume she was copying the way Lisa exercises on the Wii Fit since...ouch...Lisa just hit me. Anyway, Andrew picked up Emma's dress and...well...just look at the pictures.

That's right. We got ourselves a cross-dressing baby boy. Hopefully this is just a phase, but after cleaning Andrew's toy chest, I found high heel shoes, fishnet stockings, and a dvd of "The Devil Wears Prada." Does any one have the number for a good toddler therapist?

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