Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 543 - P.J. B.S.

For some reason, Emma and Andrew's bedroom gets especially hot during the day and cold at night. Because of that, we have the kids wear blanket sleepers over their pajamas at night and have them run around naked with ice cube pants in the afternoon (Poor Andrew's testicles retract so much that his groin has indentations.).

As with most boy and girl clothing, Andrew's blanket sleeper is blue and Emma is pink. I was initially hesitant about the whole gender color-coding of clothing, but I eventually succumbed to it because it took too much effort and thought to keep our kids looking asexual like Whoopi Goldberg or Ellen Degeneres. I guess the bottom line is that I eventually did not care what the kids wore. I should probably check myself with what I don't care about because the last time I did that I had the kids playing with matches and lighter fluid for two weeks.

The other night, we were getting the kids ready for bed and I couldn't find Emma's blanket sleeper. I looked in the bedroom. I looked in the living room. I could not find it anywhere. As is written law in the Book of Husbands, since I looked in two places I gave up, whined, and asked Lisa to look for Emma's pajamas. Strangely, Lisa could not find Emma's pajama either. She swore she saw it right next to her, but had no idea where it went.

After a few more seconds, I found Emma's pajamas: Andrew was wearing it! The whole time we were looking for Emma's pajamas, Lisa was putting it on Andrew. And so, as is written law in the Book of Husbands, I was able to call Lisa a "dumb whore" without any fear of being hit or having to sleep on the couch.

Here are a few pictures of the pajama confusion:

P.S. I did have to sleep on the couch...

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