Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 545 - Lazy Grandpa's Birthday

Today was Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa's birthday. When we asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he lifted the bedsheets off his face and grunted, "...sleep..." That's no way to spend your birthday so we moved the remote control to the coffee table, and when Lazy Grandpa got out of bed to change the channel, Emma tackled him and we took him out to lunch.

We ate lunch at Houston's in Century City. Although I usually enjoy their food, I didn't have much time to enjoy it because I was trapped between two people in stinky diapers. So I left my seat between my parents and decided to sit between Emma and Andrew which was not any better.

Although Emma was pretty well-behaved, Andrew had stimulus overload. He constantly stood up in his high chair and tried to grab everything on the table including the candle. Thankfully, our waitress brought the kids a couple of portable Magna Doodles which the kids found fascinating. The only problem was that every time Andrew wanted his screen cleared of steel shavings, he politely tapped my shoulder and gently uttered into my ear, "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" In turn, the couple sitting next to us would politely tap my shoulder and gently utter into my ear, "Shut the f*&( up!"

After lunch, we decided to walk around the mall. Wait. Let me correct myself. After lunch, we decided to chase Andrew around the mall. The first store he ran into was Victoria's Secret which was funny until he came out wearing a thong and a pink teddy. It became very tiring having to chase two kids around, so we returned chase two kids around the house.

Later in the day, Crazy and Lazy came by for dessert and to open presents. The kids gave Lazy Grandpa a framed picture of his two most favorite things in the world: a pillow and a footrest. The rest of us pitched in and bought him a blu-ray player.

While Lazy Grandpa was opening the present, Crazy Grandma had her own one-sided conversation with him. "Doo yu know what ittis? I know what ittis! I could have tell yu wat ittis but I dident tell yu. Yup. I know what ittis. Hahaha! I know an yu don't! Go open! Hurry! Yu too slow!"

To end the day, my dad blew out the candles on his chocolate cake. I think he had a nice birthday with the family, and I think he had an even better night because I think he got lucky. And by lucky I mean he was able to sleep ten hours straight.

Here are a few more pictures:

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