Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 541 - Jumpin Jack Flashlight

Whereas many parents try to calm down their kids before bedtime, I do the opposite: I try to exhaust them until they beg for the comfort of their fire retardant cribs. Typically, I don't see the kids too much during the weekday. Not only do I have long work hours, but I have to squeeze in time to see my many illegitimate kids. On average, I see Emma and Andrew 15-20 minutes before I leave for work and about 30 minutes before it's time for them to go to sleep.

So when I get home from work, I try to jam in as much play time as possible with the kids. I read books, play hide and seek, chase the kids, give the kids piggyback rides, whittle fishing poles, bungee jump, jet ski, and reenact our favorite scenes from "Gladiator" with our new pet lion, Morris.

As a part of our ever-changing bedtime routine, I have started to sing the alphabet song -- a much better song than "Thong Song." There is an alphabet chart on the wall, and as I sing to the kids I use a flashlight to point at the letters. One night, I realized that Andrew was fascinated with the flashlight. I pointed the flashlight on the floor, and Andrew started to chase the spotlight like a desperate C-list celebrity.

Here's a clip of Andrew and the flashlight!

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Star said...

My cats do this... It is very entertaining. :D