Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 536 - Showgirl

Emma has entered a phase in which she likes to take off her clothes. Cute for now, embarrassing later, and a misdemeanor eventually. I have no idea why she finds this entertaining or amusing, but she does.

Her defrocking usually happens when she is wearing something a little loose like a baggy t-shirt or a rain poncho. Emma hasn't quite figured out how to pull the shirt over her head yet, but she'll try to get her arms out of the shirt. She also knows how to take her bra off underneath her shirt, but I blame Lisa for letting Emma watch "Flashdance."

Thankfully her pants are usually too tight to take off which is great in two ways: 1) She won't expose her privates to strangers, and 2) whatever is in her diaper stays in her diaper. I really hope her stripping doesn't progress to her pants because I've already been told repeatedly by Lisa that I don't wear the pants in the house. We don't need two pantless Ichikawas.

Here are a few PG rated pictures of Emma partially dressed:

The Lego Stripper Pole was not assembled yet.

Andrew tries to steal a little attention from Emma's dance routine.

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