Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 533 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked how long we should brush the kid's teeth. Forty-two percent thought we should brush their teeth as long as they will let us. I'm glad that got the majority of the vote because that is what we have been doing from the beginning. The only thing that scares me is that this is the same advice that all British dentist give their patients.

Lisa and I have been trying to make teeth brushing time as pleasant as possible for the kids. We sing songs about brushing your teeth, and we praise them when they brush their teeth by themselves. We also try to educated Emma and Andrew about the importance of oral hygiene by showing them pictures like this:

Although the kids have been having awful nightmares and night sweats, I must say they have really clean teeth now!


I have some terrible news to share with you: Emma and Andrew were not finalists in that beautiful baby contest. I know...I know. The world just does not make any sense right now, but we will all get over this tragic news with the right attitude and the right combination of mind altering drugs. I thought the only way we had a chance of winning any beautiful baby contest was if it was based upon how much more beautiful the baby looked like in comparison to their father.

Lisa recorded all of the Live with Regis & Kelly shows that had the so-called beautiful babies. As we were fast-forwarding through the show, I must say that there were some really cute babies. There were some babies that were definitely cuter than Emma and Andrew, but there were also some babies that were arguably not cuter than our kids. So this got me to thinking whether or not parents have the objective ability to label their baby as cute or not very cute. To clarify, I'm not correlating cuteness with being loved, and I'm not valuing beauty over other things like intelligence, personality, and penis size. All I'm wondering is whether or not you think parents can be unbiased enough to see that their baby better grow up to become a rock star if they want to marry a supermodel.

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