Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 874 - Co-pee Cat

There was a time when it took a little learning on our part to realize that the kids tend to pee after their bath. After several mishaps on the bathroom floor and the bedroom rug, Lisa and I said enough was enough. We decided to research baby catheters. After a brief visit from social services, I figured a better alternative was to have the kids sit on their potty seats after bathtime.

Tonight, we went through the same bath and potty seat ritual that we have been doing for the past months. The kids didn't have to pee, so everyone went into the bedroom to get dressed for bedtime. Unfortunately, Andrew's baby water hose sprung a leak and a little pee went on the carpet.

"What Andrew do?" asked Emma.

"Andrew just did a little pee-pee," answered Lisa. "Accidents happen." Gee, I wish Lisa was as understanding when I accidentally pee in bed.

As Lisa tossed some paper towels over Andrew's marked territory, she noticed that our naked Emma squatted on the floor with a determined look. Emma must have some magical relationship with her bladder because they worked together to create another puddle of piss on the rug.

Lisa and I were flabbergasted! The only thing that went through my head was that I better not say anything about pooping. Who knows what hocus pocus Emma has with her lower intestine.

I realize that toddlers copy other people because it's a great learning tool for them. But there's something terribly wrong and unusual with Emma forcing liquid out of her urethra. I don't know who would want to pee on the floor just because someone else did -- crazy homeless people not included.

Ultimately, we did not get angry at Emma, but we told her it is not appropriate to pee on the floor. Lisa and I did not want to make a gigantic deal out of it especially since we are still trying to potty train them. So after getting the kids dressed, we gave them their milk and we sat around the television watching John Waters' Pink Flamingo. Without going into too much detail, let's just say Emma's next diaper change was not for the faint of heart.


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