Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 869 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last wizzle, I wondered how having kizzles has affected romance in your relationshizzle. What the fizzle! Fifty-sizzle percent said having kids makes romance fo shizzle! Twenty-eizzle percent thought it makes it fizzle, and only fourteen percent thought it made it sizzle. All I can say about this is that fo shizzle the nizzle hizzle is not going to eat that mizzle because after all of the kids have gone to slizzle there's no way that the dizzle is going to pizzle the quizzle. Ite?

NOTE: Actually I have no idea what fo shizzle means. I know one of those cool kid rappers says it, but I'm not too sure which one. Maybe it's that Michael Buble. I don't know. I just hope I don't seem too square or old with the current lingo. Jeepers, I even listen to contemporary music like Mylie Cyrus and Josh Grobin. How unhip could I be?


I knew something bad would happen with the kids always picking their noses. No, nothing dramatic happened like their nose falling off or their finger poking out of their eye duct. The kids just caught a cold. Andrew had the runny nose on Friday, Emma got the runny nose today, and I just want to runaway.

When one person in the family gets sick, there's that feeling of dread wondering when other people will get sick too. You try your best to wash your hands and give the sick child an hourly dipping in a vat of Purell, but more often than not your valiant efforts are thwarted with a stray booger or an unexpected sneeze in the face.

Although I do find myself trying to keep the sick child away from the rest of the family (a mosquito tent stapled to a furniture dolly works wonders), there is a part of me that feels it is a waste of time. Trying to keep the sick child away from the healthy child is as impossible as keeping Lisa away from my wallet on payday (Joke's on her! I'm unemployed right now! Bwahaha!).

So what do you do when someone in your family gets sick?

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