Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 868 - Little Bruins

One weekend, Lisa and I decided to take the kids to our alma mater, UCLA. As Japanese-Americans, UCLA was one of two other places that Lisa and I could've met. The other two places are: 1) the abacus aisle at Office Depot or 2) the motherboard section at Electronic Fry's.

Although it has been years since we both graduated from college, it didn't seem too long ago when Lisa and I first met. Lisa was a senior, and I was an innocent, wide-eyed sophomore. Lisa introduced me to all of life's vices: alcohol, drugs, and farm animals. Who would've thought after all of those years we would've ended up married with twins? Certainly not all of those farm animals.

It's very difficult to imagine the kids going to college now because they are only two, and it would be a tremendous waste of money. But in sixteen years, that's a different story. We've already started a college fund, but I imagine by the time we're ready to crack open the piggy bank it will be just enough money for a few textbooks and a semester's worth of instant noodles and juice boxes.

The kids really enjoyed running around the campus, and I was able to appreciate it more now since time has passed. As a student, you usually take for granted your scholastic surroundings since you're usually stressed about your classes, stressed about your relationships, and stressed about the results of your blood work from the campus clinic.

Here are a few pictures of the kids running around UCLA!

Future Bruin?

Future Ham?

Here is a portion of Bruin Walk. Or as the kids renamed it: Bruin I-Don't-Want-to-Walk.

The kids in front of Royce Hall.

I was wary of the kids playing in the fountain because I saw some horrible things done to it during hazing week.

At first the kids were a little scared of the bear, but I told them it was only a statue and the worst thing that could happen is that the statue could tip over and crush them.

The end.

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