Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 863 - Pacifier, Be Gone!

After just two days, Andrew is no longer using his pacifier. Friday night was the worst night -- just ask Emma and she'll complain, "Andrew cry, cry, cry!" And Saturday really wasn't that bad. Andrew had a little more difficulty unwinding, but he eventually tired himself out and fell asleep.

Lisa and I are really surprised that it only took a few days for Andrew to give up his pacifier. It came to the point where if we asked if he wanted his broken pacifier, Andrew would make a disgusted face and say, "No!" The weaning process was so relatively easy that Lisa had to slap me around a few times when I told Andrew, "My son ain't no quitter! Suck that binky! Suck it like a man!"

Instead of Andrew being a quitter, I'm hoping that his willingness to give up his pacifier was a combination of it being the right time and him realizing it wasn't worth his time crying over a broken pacifier. And if none of those are the reasons, then I will attribute him no longer using his pacifier to brilliant parenting.

The one unexpected result of Andrew's oral un-fixation is that he has begun to wake up earlier and is having a more difficult time taking a nap. Instead of Andrew's usual silence because of the pacifier, he has become a non-stop babbling machine. I'm hoping over the course of the next week or so, Andrew will be able to calm himself down for a nap. I've tried to keep him quiet and entertained in the crib with dolls, books, and Shetland ponies, but he inevitably grows restless and wants to get out.

During today's nap, I listened to the baby monitor from the safety of my panic room. I didn't hear Emma talking or fussing after fifteen minutes, so I assumed she fell asleep. Andrew continued to babble, talk, and whine. And then about five minutes later, I heard Emma say these words, "Andrew! Stop talking! Stop. Talking."

Ah. Words to live by.

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