Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 872 - Photo Booth

While dealing with two sick kids this week, I tried to figure out new ways to entertain and distract them. My first idea was having the kids watch Dumbo. But bringing a live elephant into the house dressed as Dumbo was a really bad idea. Not only because of the smell, but the damn thing filled up my Diaper Genie with one crap. My second idea was to just let them do whatever would make them happy. If I knew they wanted to shave my legs and feed me baby powder, then I never would've given them that option.

Thankfully, my last idea was a home run. I let the kids fool around with the Photo Booth effects on my computer, and they thought it was the most hilarious thing next to shaving my legs and feeding me baby powder. For those of you not familiar with Photo Booth, it is an application for your Apple webcam that allows you to take photos and videos with a variety of digital effects.

Honestly, there were a few effects that bothered Andrew because he did not enjoy seeing his face altered and morphed. But having the kids laugh for a few minutes was a great alternative to wheezing, sniffling, and whining.

Here's a short video of the kids futzing around with Photo Booth:


Melissa Walker said...

This should be a commercial for PhotoBooth. Apple, are you listening?

SebyaSin said...

Funniest video ever. you should get paid for that stuff.