Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 861 - Conversations with Emma

Although Lisa and I have been exhausted dealing with Andrew's whining and crying over his pacifier, I forgot that his volume and projection has a much more immediate impact on another person: Emma. Her crib is only a few feet away from Andrew's so she is getting the full impact. It got so bad one day that I think she tried to stuff her bunny blanket into Andrew's mouth.

Emma has slept through so many of Andrew's screams, cries, and monosyllabic monologues that I forget that she could be affected by his inability to sleep without his pacifier. While Lisa was changing Emma's diaper, they had this conversation..

EMMA: Andrew cry, cry, cry!

LISA: Oh, are you talking about last night?

EMMA: Yah.

LISA: Andrew did cry a lot last night. Daddy bought Andrew a new pacifier and it was broken.

EMMA: Why Daddy buy for? Andrew don't like.

LISA: Well that's true. But Andrew will eventually get used to the pacifier because we don't know what else to do about it.

EMMA: (with exasperation) Give him old one!

And once again, I fear Emma's teenage years...

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