Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 862 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I wanted to know when your kids were potty trained. Sixty-six percent obnoxiously bragged that their kid was potty trained before twenty-eight months (...i hate you...). And then thirty-three percent said that their child was potty trained between thirty-eight and forty-two months.

More importantly, I think this poll gave me crucial demographic insight to what kind of people are reading this blog. Obviously from the three people who voted in last week poll, it is so clear to me that parents do not read this blog. So who reads this blog? After intense research and analysis, I came to the conclusion that these type of people read this blog: people who are entertained by the sad and pathetic stories of a geeky Japanese father because his pitiful and embarrassing life makes their lives seem more fulfilling and hopeful. So keep on reading, my fans!


To Lisa, yesterday was Valentine's Day. To me, it was Sunday. I wouldn't characterize myself as a very romantic person, but I'm definitely thoughtful. For instance, a romantic person would surprise his wife with a bouquet of flowers. A thoughtful person would give his wife a fifty dollar bill and tell her to buy a bouquet of flowers. Yup...I'm thoughtful.

Once you have kids, all of your holidays center around them. For Valentine's Day, I had the kids make cards for Lisa, and then they made a delicious filet mignon with a reduced red wine mushroom sauce. Also, it's very hard to have a romantic dinner when Andrew is stuffing corn up his nose and Emma is spitting water into her plate.

I began to wonder whether or not having kids tends to fizzle or sizzle romance in a relationship. I know some friends who said having kids was the best thing since upgrading to D battery toys; and some other friends say the last time they had sex was when they had kids -- and their kids are in college. What do you think?

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