Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 870 - Conversations With Emma

It was your typical bath time filled with bubbles, toys, and pee. Mostly because of the pee, I made sure I cleaned the tub really well after I got out since the kids were getting in next.

As Lisa was giving the kids their daily bath, things started to get out of hand. Andrew was keeping his energy level on the safe side of goofy, but he crossed the line and it was almost time to call in the large enigmatic Indian with the bed pillow for help. Thrown toys splashed water everywhere, and bath bubbles covered every surface including Lisa's face.

With good reason, Emma began to grow concerned about her safety with her manic brother. She turned towards Lisa and said, "Andrew crazy!"

"I know," agreed Lisa. "Andrew is acting really crazy in the tub."

And then a spark lit up Emma's eyes, and she added, "Crazy like Grandma!"

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