Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 190 - Eating Habits

For the past week, the kids seem to enjoy eating their rice cereal. They can't wait until they can put a little sashimi cereal on top of their rice cereal with a dab of wasabi cereal. Andrew has even gotten to the point where he gets very angry if he isn't fed fast enough.

When the kids were first born, Emma was not as good as Andrew with the bottle. A lot of the formula would seep out the corner of her mouth and get all over her clothes. On the other hand, Andrew was and is a very neat bottle feeder. He sucks really well. Hmm. That doesn't sound like a compliment, but it is.

But with the introduction of solid food, they've done a Parent Trap on us: they've swapped! Emma is neat and Andrew is messy. Emma has become quite proficient at keeping the rice cereal in her mouth when we feed her with a spoon (is this to be a surprise?). But Andrew pushes the food out with his tongue after it enters his mouth. I read that this is a natural reaction because this is the way babies feed with a bottle or the mama's ta-ta.

Overall, it hasn't been too bad a week of solid foods. Here are some pictures and even a video of the kids eating:

Notice how neat Emma is when she eats. She's even wiping up after herself (does this bode well for potty training?).

Compare that to Andrew. What a slob. Who's teaching him to eat like this?

Here's a little video of Andrew eating.

Andrew has nothing to smile about...that gluttonous, messy boy.

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Susan said...

I want to come over and feed the kiddies - Auntie Susan