Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 178 - Holy Sit

Sometimes before I go to sleep, I pick up one of my baby books and skim through it. As I think to myself, "Damn...I was a cute baby...what the hell happened to me?" I put down my baby book and pick up a baby reference book. I like to look at the charts that breakdown a baby's development. As I read the charts, I do a mental check-off to see what our kids are doing and not doing yet.

One of the charts said that around six months, babies should be able to sit up with help of their hands and arms for support. So the next day I decided to see if our kids could sit. In general, Andrew has always been a bit more advanced with the whole movement and coordination thing. I took Andrew and sat him up with his hand in front of him. He was able to sit up for a good 5 to 10 seconds before he started to squirm and a quick movement of his wobble head caused him to fall over.

Emma has never been that great with the movement thing. Whereas Andrew has been rolling over all over the place, Emma has only rolled over a handful of times. I wasn't too confident that Emma would be able to sit up as long as Andrew, but I figured why not try.

I'll tell you upfront that Emma wasn't as successful as Andrew with the sitting up. First of all, my theory why Emma isn't able to sit up as long as Andrew is the following: she has a big head. For instance, try balancing a brand new pencil on its eraser. Not too bad, right? That pencil is Andrew. But now try balancing that same pencil with a frozen turkey on top of it. Difficult, right? That pencil is Emma.

I took the following pictures of Emma trying to sit up:

Before I was able to grab my camera, I placed Emma's hand in front of her body for support. But as you can see, Emma pushed her hands away, but was still able to keep her frozen turkey head from toppling her over.

You can tell by Andrew's blank glance that Emma fell over fairly quickly. One second she was in Andrew's sight line and the next she was gone!

After I pulled Emma off the floor, I got her back into a sitting position. Although she was quite dazed from falling over, she was still able to keep her body in an upright position and continued to practice sitting.

Holy sit...

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not Bernard said...

OMG, so funny! Emma is a sweetie pie. I laughed for like a whole minute, couldn't stop!