Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 173 - Author, Author

While up in Santa Clara, my cousin, Debbi, visited us at Grandma Ichinaga's house. It was a bit awkward because when she came practically all of Lisa's family was there: Grandma Ichinaga, Susan, Kerry, Kevin, Jamie, Shelvey, Joey, Rosa, Jason, Jacob, and Wes. The last time I saw so many Japanese in one room was a matinee of "Memoirs of a Geisha."

Funny enough, Debbi lives a very short distance from Lisa's mom's house -- only about ten or fifteen minutes. My cousin just moved to the Santa Clara area because her husband just started to work for Aple. I mean Appple. Dangit. Apple. My computer is acting up on me again. Gee...where could I get a new computer from? Only if I knew someone. Hmm...

I haven't seen Debbi for quite some time so it was nice to catch up with her. She is a young adult writer and one of her books was just published. It's a book all about China, and you can order it on Amazon (we just ordered one for Lisa's classroom). I just read it and thirty minutes later I was hungry for more. Here's a link to her Amazon page: CHINA.

Although the kids were due for their nap when Debbi visited, Andrew and Emma were well-behaved and pretty happy. Debbi held Andrew first, and of course Andrew had his goofy smile and slobbered all over his bib. Then it was Emma's turn to be held. And what did Debbi say when she held Emma? "Whoa! This one's heavier!"

I must tell you that although I tease Emma about her stoutness, I do understand that she isn't fat or overweight; it's just baby weight. But it amazes me how people just gravitate towards the topic of her weight (gravitational pull perhaps?). I went to the grocery store this week, and a little old lady started talking to me about the twins. And of course she had to tell me, "Wow. Your girl is a lot fatter than the boy." And I responded, "Wow. You're going to die a lot sooner than me."

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Oops! I fell behind on your posts! I was surprised by this post! Thanks so much for the support! And I hope we can get together again soon!