Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 175 - Return of the Cankles

During Lisa's pregnancy, she had a major case of the cankles. Granted, Lisa carried twins during the summer heat, but still...they were MAJOR cankles. Everyone who saw her couldn't help but notice how her once petite ankles turned into the Incredible Bulk. You could poke it with your pinky finger, and your entire finger would disappear into this vastness of water retention. I'd say it might be similar to touching the water creature in "The Abyss."

Sadly, I don't think I took any pictures of Lisa's ankles. Can you believe it? I'll ask Lisa to wait a minute to look for the camera while she's covered in poop splatter, but I don't have a nice wide angle photo of her enlarged feet. What I did find was this picture we took with our friends Maureen and Vicky.

I know it's difficult to tell whether or not Lisa's ankles are buckling the wood floor, but let's hear it for Adobe Photoshop! A little cropping and enlarging and voila!

Looking at this picture reminds me that Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! opened this weekend. It also reminds me of the redwood forests, whales, and Rosie O'Donnell.

Now why do I revisit Lisa's big ass ankles again? Well, the past few days have been a bit warm, so I took the kid's pants off and let them roll around in their onesies. While holding Andrew, I pulled his socks off and realized his little feet were cankle-ish just like Mama's! No joke, look!

Isn't it uncanny how much Andrew's chubby baby feet resembles Lisa's obese adult ankles? I immediately took Emma's socks off to look at her ankles, but guess what? Despite Emma's weight advantage over Andrew, her ankles were quite cute. They were not similar to Andrew's at all; I guess Emma has Daddy's feminine ankles.

I'm sure just like Lisa's cankles disappeared, so too will Andrew's. I explained to Andrew how he has feet like Mama's pregnant podiatric pachyderms, but as he gets older they would disappear. Sadly, Andrew had this reaction to my explanation, and it hasn't changed since.

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