Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 183 - Happy Easter

The picture to your right tells you three things immediately: 1) It is Easter; 2) My parents are back in town; 3) My mom's plastic surgery to fix her ears went dramatically wrong.

My parents arrived this afternoon from Sacramento to stay for the next three months to babysit the kiddies. They will move into their apartment the beginning of next month, but until then they will be staying with us. And since they were arriving on Easter, we decided we would attempt to cook an Easter dinner.

One thing you realize when trying to prepare a nice dinner with infant twins is that no matter how lofty your initial menu is, it is going to be knocked down many notches by dinnertime. Our initial thought with dinner was the following: turkey and ham, stuffing, multiple fresh vegetables, salad, bread, potatoes, and a warm apple pie. What it actually became was the following: Costco ham, frozen corn, bagged salad, bagged rolls, and a Ralph's peach pie.

The dinner actually wasn't that bad. The ham was pretty tasty, but the peach pie was lame. We would've been better off serving microwaved Hostess Peach Pies (do they even make them anymore?). And despite trying to plan the cooking schedule so nothing would get cold, everything got cold because we all got involved feeding the kids their dinner.

Overall, it was a nice Easter. Grandma and Grandpa came down. We video chatted with my sister, Anne (pretzel maven), for a little bit. And Lisa's sister called. And most importantly, I got to take a ridiculous picture of my mom with bunny ears.

Here are a few pictures of the kids!

Emma compares her thighs next to the Easter ham.

Have a great weekend! Crap. I meant...Happy Easter!

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