Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 184 - Poll Results and New Poll

Last week's poll results was unanimous. Everyone who voted thought that Lisa's baby picture looks like Emma and my baby picture looks like Andrew. The only pathetic part of the poll is that although the blog had 262 visits last week only 6 of you voted for the poll. So for the 256 of you who did not vote: shame on you! And for the 6 of you who did vote: thanks, but don't you have anything better to do with your time? Pathetic on both counts.

Since last week was Lisa's Spring Break, she took a day and visited some preschools. There was one preschool near our current place that Lisa visited. She said the facility was in an actual neighborhood and spanned two homes. It seemed very earthy and nudity is acceptable -- for the kids, not the teachers...I think. But the preschool wouldn't meet our needs because the hours are from 9a-4p, and it is $2000 per kid per month. That's right. We would have to pay $4000 for preschool. I'm sorry, but I could rent a storage unit with a water cooler for the kids and save $3825. So for this week's poll, what do you think is an acceptable amount to pay for preschool?


d-michiko-f said...

Is this a trick poll? If I say under $500 does that mean I'm cheap? If I say $2000 but the facility is in Oklahoma, is that acceptable? how about I'll preschool the kiddies for $500 but you have to pay my airfare everyday? ;) Good luck!

kevin said...

Around here it is $800 per kid, but then again, they probably have the desert tortoise's watching them