Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 176 - Back to Work

Tomorrow I return to work on my next show, "Californication." It's only a twelve episode season so I'll be finished with this gig around the middle of August -- just in time for Lisa to go back to work. This week is Spring Break, so Lisa will spend the week with the kiddies having wet t-shirt contests and drinking margaritas on the veranda. Then next week we'll both be at work, and this is the beginning of Grandma and Grandpa Ichikawa's babysitting services for the next three months until Lisa finishes the school year.

I have mixed feelings about returning to work. On one hand, it will be nice to get out of the house and have adult conversations about governors shacking up with whores and celebrity sex videos. But on the other hand, I'll miss the kids especially since my commute and hours will make it unlikely for me to see them much during the week. At least I know that they will be taken care of by family -- a nutty family, but a family nonetheless.

It's unfortunate that neither one of us can stay home with the kids for the first few years. Lisa can't stay home because she would likely lose her position at her school, and our plan is to have our kids go to her school since it's a really good one. And as for me, I can't stay home because nobody trusts me with the kids. One kid catches on fire and suddenly Scott's not a good dad. Lah-dee-freakin--dah.

Yet all of this scheduling with daycare and grandparents and babysitters and nannies is pretty much the norm. That's the way I tend to find comfort with all of these new situations we come across as new parents: every parent goes through the same thing. Some have it easier and some have it worse, yet we all go through the same worries and stresses. I can only hope that since Lisa and I aren't morons (according to Lisa I'm only a dumbass) the kids will make it through without too many scars (excluding the burn graft scar...lah-dee-freakin-dah).

And with that, I better pack up my bags and get my lunch ready for tomorrow. Hopefully, I can still continue to update the blog daily. If not, perhaps Lisa can fill in here and there. Especially since she has such the fan base. And by fan base, I mean all the people she e-mailed and phoned to leave a comment for her blog entry.


kevin said...

yes, more entries by Lisa

Anonymous said...

more entries by your hilarious sister.