Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 922 - Disneyland Week

Since the past few weeks at work have been really busy, I figured what could be a more relaxing way to end the weekend than taking 2 1/2 year old twins to Disneyland. I'll tell you what's more relaxing: having a root canal without novocaine in the middle of a tornado while an elephant is sitting on your crotch.

Although we have been to the Disneyland Resort with our kids before, this was the first time when the kids seemed genuinely engaged. They clapped when they were happy; they covered their eyes when they were scared; and they pooped like crazy when they ate too many churros.

Instead of trying to pack in a day's worth of stories, pictures, and videos into one long post, I thought I would make this week's blog entries all related to our Disneyland trip. In addition to the weekly poll, Cartoon Wednesday, and Picture Friday, I'll also share with you my Disneyland dos and don'ts with toddlers.

As an example of dos and don'ts, here are two videos of the kids on Autopia. In the first video, I am recording Emma on her first drive through Disneyland.

In this second video, Lisa is recording Andrew's first drive through Disneyland.

To summarize: DO use a camcorder to record precious memories; DON'T let Lisa use the camcorder.

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