Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 914 - Dirty Diaper Dancing

Just like any toddler who hears music, Andrew loves to get up and dance. When he hears a rocking ditty like "Under the Sea" or "Heigh-Ho", he has gots to get his baby groove on. Unfortunately for Andrew, when I see him dance he reminds me of myself.

When I dance, I do something called defensive dancing: I will dance terribly to get the intentional laugh instead of the unintentional laugh. When I did musical theater during my high school and college years, I realized through extremely, extremely hard work that I could figure out how to do a soft-shoe, polka, and a waltz. I also realized when I did musical theater that it was extremely, extremely hard work to make people realize I was straight.

A few nights ago as Lisa was undressing Andrew for his bath, he put his t-shirt on like pants and started to do this goofy little dance. Lisa only took pictures of his dancing, but I thought it would be fun to put it together with a little appropriate Broadway music.

Curtain up!

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