Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 908 - Easter Eggravation

As the kids get older, the holidays become more fun. Christmas is more fun because they anticipate opening presents underneath the tree. Halloween is more fun because they enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters. St. Patrick's Day is more fun because they can hold their liquor better.

And of course, Easter is more fun because they enjoy finding the eggs. After a morning Easter egg hunt at our friend's house, Lisa and I hid three dozen plastic eggs around the house while the kids took their afternoon nap. Since we're still not giving the kids candy to eat, we stuffed the plastic eggs with prizes that we thought would be more appropriate. Lisa filled all of her eggs with a variety of stickers; I filled all of my eggs with chicken fetuses.

When the kids woke from their nap, the egg hunt was on! Emma and Andrew ran all around the house looking for as many plastic eggs as possible. It was a lot of fun to see the kids so excited, and the only mishap occurred when Andrew mistakenly found Lisa's PedEgg and dumped all of the skin shavings in his basket.

The time arrived to open the eggs. We sat the kids on the floor and told them every egg they collected had a surprise in it. Emma and Andrew gave us a big, wide grin and started to open the eggs. The only problem was that they had a very difficult time opening the eggs. And by difficult I mean they could not open ANY eggs.

Unfortunately, their little Asian toddler hands were unable to twist open the plastic eggs. I soon found myself having to crack open every egg (all 36!) so the kids would be able to find their stickers and chicken fetuses.

Here is a video that shows how frustrating Easter became for the kids. Try counting the number of times Emma says, "I need help!"

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