Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 919 - Name Game

One weekend, I decided to run into the Disney Store to buy the kids a just-because toy. Okay fine. I ran into the Disney Store to buy myself a just-because Princess Tiana gown (not really just-because since I had a party to go to).

As I moseyed up to the cashier, the perky lil' cast member said, "Hello there, Dad! How can I help you today?"

I proceeded to purchase my gorgeous Princess Tiana gown, and the cast member continued to call me "dad." It became as irritating as the skin surrounding my hairy knees on a humid, summer night.

Walking out of the Disney Store, I realized that the cast member was making an assumption that I was a dad. I didn't have Emma or Andrew with me. Nor was I wearing the Best Dad Ever t-shirt that I made for myself for Father's Day. What if I just went through a messy divorce, and I lost custody of the kids? What if I was infertile? Or what if I was just a really unattractive Japanese woman?

I understand that the cast member was just trying to be friendly, but I really do think you shouldn't assume a person is a father just because he's buying a toy at the Disney Store. Perhaps my feelings are strong about this because of my many past experiences in other retail stores.

Here are just a few examples of what I have been called in other stores:

"Hello, uncoordinated girly-man."

"Hello, don't you have anything better to do on a weekend than visit us for the fourth time in one day, dude."

"Hello, pervert."

"Leave. You're too old and you have no style."

"Hello, Mr. Yoshinoya."

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Kathy said...

Just had to say, I laughed out loud at the Japanese lady comment. Nice one.