Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes...Another Delay

Sorry for the tardiness on the posts.  It's the last week of shooting this television pilot, and for the past few nights I haven't returned home until 9-10pm.  It gives me just enough time to eat, wash up, and spend time with my true love, my Nintendo Wii.

In the next day or two, I will once again catch up on the postings.  But in the meantime I have some great news on my sister's blog site, I Heart Daily.  She told me her site which is only a few months old has already been nominated for a Bloggie!  Yes!  A Bloggie!!!  So go to and choose I Heart Daily for Best Group Weblog!

The bigger question is why wasn't Edamames in a Pod nominated for anything?  Not even Best Soy Bean Blog?  Come on people!  Where's the love???

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