Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 464 - My Phone, iPhone

Yesterday we returned to Los Angeles despite Emma's lingering cold. The worst part of the 6 hour drive was Emma throwing up in the car. We had to pull over in the rain, and I had to drag everything out of the trunk to grab a new shirt for Emma. At least that was more enjoyable than the lingering sour milk smell we had for the rest of the trip. It was especially pungent when we drove past the cow fields and the mixture of old pewk and cow poop caused our noses to tingle and our mouths to water.

Since we're all still recovering from the trip (and colds) and trying to clean up the place, I'll just share with you a quick little iPhone story. Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) has an iPhone. While at Great-Grandma Ichikawa's house for New Year's, Anne let Andrew play with it. Bad iDea.

Andrew must share my interest with electronic gadgets because he did not want to give the iPhone back to Anne. Just look at this series of pictures:

"Wowzers, Auntie Anne. This is the neatest gadget ever! You're the best!"

"What the hell are you doing? Get your manhands off the iPhone!"

"Gadget rape! I'm only 15 months old! What are you doooooooing, old woman?"

"How did you find me hiding behind the sofa? My tiny stature and your gigantic head should've made it impossible to find me!"

"Remember how I said earlier that you're the best? Well I forgot a word at the end: butthole ."

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