Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 479 - Prison Break

Ever since the kids started to walk, we added barriers around our place to keep certain areas off limit. We put a safety gate and a pack and play around the entrance to our kitchen, and we used ottomans to keep our hooligans away from our living area where my prized electronics reside. We also put a couple of safety gates around our S&M chamber and collection of deadly scorpions.

But somewhere between when my parents returned to babysit and my parents returned to babysit, the kids learned to climb over our ottomans and sofa therefore rendering my dear electronics prone to drool and spit. At first my main concern was my television, and then reality hit when Emma hit her head on my PS3. I immediately reprimanded Emma, and placed my precious PS3 out of reach.

I'd be lying if I said the kids haven't fallen, but over the course of the past week the kids have become very good (i.e. careful) getting up and down from the sofa and ottomans. The larger concern is to stop them from standing on the ottomans and running up and down the length of the sofa. Once again that behavior was learned somewhere between when my parents arrived and my parents arrived.

Here's a short video clip of Emma and Andrew getting over our ottomans:

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