Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 488 - Kiss & Tell Part 2

Before I get into the story behind this picture, let me go over a few things. First of all, it's pretty cute to see Emma giving Andrew a kiss. Secondly, it gets a little Luke/Leia creepy when you see Emma giving Andrew a kiss. Lastly, it's very creepy if Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) gave me a kiss.

So the story behind this picture is that a day or two ago, Emma just went up to Andrew and started to kiss him. Andrew didn't think much of it. He just had his bottle full of milk to keep him occupied, and needless to say Emma already chugged her milk down.

But this incestuous make-out session didn't stop after the first time. It happened over and over again. It became a game for Emma. She would totter up to Andrew, give him a little kiss on his face, giggle, and run away. Andrew didn't have much of a reaction. He just kinda sat there not knowing how to react -- much like the way his daddy had no idea how to react to girls because they never gave him the time of day for most of his life so on the rare occasion when a girl did come up to him he did not know how to behave and would often scare the girl away creating great bitterness and sexual confusion within him. But I digress...

This cycle of Emma running around kissing Andrew lasted quite some time. Emma probably could've done this all day, but Andrew grew tired of the game. It finally came to a point when Emma walked up to Andrew, leaned over to give him a kiss, but this time Andrew turned an angry face towards Emma and screamed, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Emma was taken aback, and ran into the arms of Lisa.

So what is the lesson learned here...besides incest is bad? We learned that Emma will probably be very popular in high school and college. And as for Andrew, we learned that he probably got angry at Emma's kissing because he noticed the same reaction with Mommy being annoyed at Daddy trying to kiss her...which in turn created great bitterness and sexual confusion within him. But I digress...with great confusion and bitterness.

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