Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 478 - Flat Panel Babysitter

We're not against Emma & Andrew watching television, but we do try to limit the amount they watch. Although it's not much more than 10 or 15 minutes each day, it's amazing and a little scary how they become hypnotized by it. The kids even know the word television because each time we ask them if they want to watch a little TV, they point at it and sit down in front of it.

Lisa and I hope we can control the amount of television the kids watch as they get older. We would rather have them do something more active like playing with matches or tagging private property. But in the mean time, we're rationalizing that a few minutes a day isn't going to hurt anyone...unless the 42" plasma falls on top of them in which the only good thing that would come from that is that I would then get to purchase a new 50" plasma.

I'm not too sure if the kids have a favorite show, but they seem to enjoy most anything on PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, and the Disney Channel; they definitely do not enjoy The Monster Channel, the Creatures Under Your Bed Network, and Babies Eaten By Bears Channel.

Here are a few pictures of the kids watching television:

The kids watching "Sid the Science Guy."

The kids watching "Sesame Street."

The kids watching Charlie Rose interviewing Bill Gates.

The kids watching the unrated version of "Showgirls."

The kids watching elderly people sitting on a pier.

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