Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 466 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked what was your favorite feature of the blog. To the dismay of Crazy Grandma Ichikawa, Crazy Grandma Ichikawa stories eked out the win with thirty-three percent of the votes. Followed close behind were Cartoon Wednesday and Picture Friday. I am pretty sure my mom is not thrilled to have been chosen as the favorite part of the blog. I am even more sure she's not going to like me sharing this bit of conversation we had over the holidays:

How do you play dis card game?

You need to have your cards add up as close to 31 as possible.

Any card?

No. They all have to be the same suit.

Ok same suit. But do dey have to be same color?


When the kids had their one year check up last September, our doctor told us to do two things: try to wean them off their pacifiers and bottles. Four months have passed and we have been very not doing either of them.

I don't think our kids are too dependent on their pacifier. The only time of the day when they're allowed to use them is when they're in their cribs. And as for the bottles, they only drink milk from their bottles. If they drink water or juice, they either use a sippy cup or a red plastic cup after a game of beer pong.

Our next doctor's appointment is at the end of January. Do you think we need to be more diligent with the weaning of the bottles and the pacifier? Or is this something we shouldn't be worried about and just let time take its course?

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