Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 474 - Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa Storytime

You've been sitting around way too long (just like Grandpa) waiting for this new feature at Edamames in a Pod:  Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa Storytime!!!

Grandpa Ichikawa really isn't lazy, but it's the closest word I could rhyme to Crazy Grandma Ichikawa.  Other vetoed possibilities were:  Hazy Grandpa Ichikawa and Patrick Swayze Grandpa Ichikawa.

Although this story has nothing to do with Grandpa Ichikawa being lazy, it does have something to do with his sense of humor.  Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa is they type of person who could be at a party and laugh at all of the jokes without making a joke himself.  And if he ever does tell a joke, he would laugh at it with a hearty "heh heh heh" like an older Beavis and Butthead.

Tonight, we were watching the American Idol auditions on television, and there was a singer who was blind.  Crazy Grandma Ichikawa commented that of all of her senses she would hate to lose her sight.

"If you have no eyes you can't do anyting!  How you read?  How you watch terevision?  How you clean?" exclaimed Crazy Grandma Ichikawa.

I asked my mom, "What would be worse?  Losing your eyes or losing your entire head?"

"Don't be stoopid!" said Crazy Grandma.  "You be dead!  How you do anyting?"

There was a slight pause, and then Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa pulled himself forward on the couch and said, "Well...maybe they can put your eyes on your nipples."

That was followed by a series of "heh heh heh" and a self-satisfied smile as my dad rolled back in the couch and my mom smacked him with the back of her hand.


stive said...

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Lisa Haskins said...

MORE Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa stories!

Esme A.L. said...

YES! Eddie is the MAN!