Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 467 - MIrror, Mirror

When we were up in Sacramento over the holidays, my parents have a full-length mirror in a hallway. I don't think it's an actual full-length mirror because it's not that tall, but we're Asian and short and it's good enough for us.

For some reason, the kids were really entertained by the mirror. Perhaps it was because they were sick, feverish, and slightly delirious from lack of food and sleep, but anything to keep them quiet for a few minutes was fine by us.

Emma and Andrew would run to the hallway and just look at themselves in the mirror and laugh; unlike Daddy who usually looks in a mirror and cries. I noticed that Emma would put her head against the mirror to the point where it looked like she was kissing herself. And by jove...she WAS kissing herself! Even though I thought this was a little odd, I reminded myself that this is a lot better than Andrew sticking a gigantic brown pole into his mouth.

For the rest of the stay in Sacramento, practically every time Emma looked in the mirror, she would kiss her reflection. Did this mean she loves herself? Did this mean she finds herself very attractive? Did this mean she voted no on Proposition 8 and wants to take up golf?

I really am curious as to why Emma would continually kiss her reflection in the mirror. I believe at this age Emma recognizes herself in the mirror and knows who she is. My personal opinion is that this behavior is probably a healthy sign that shows that Emma is happy and likes herself. Unlike the diagnosis my therapist gave me when I told him as a lonely teenager I would dress up like a woman and kiss myself in the mirror.

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