Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 473 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked what we should do about weaning the kids off of their bottles and pacifier. I'm not too sure what happened, but thirty-seven percent of you thought we should be more concerned about my butt crack. The rest of the votes were split evenly between not worrying about it and getting them off the bottles and pacifier now. Lisa actually weaned the kids off of their bottles all of last week, and they are now using sippy cups 100% of the time. The pacifier is another story. Lisa tried, but was rather unsuccessful. And now that my parents are babysitting the kids for the next four weeks, we'll probably start the slow weaning process when I become Mr. Mom again.

But more importantly, I'm insulted that people find my butt crack to be a greater problem than the kids getting off their bottle and pacifier. How many of you have actually seen my butt crack? Although I very rarely see my butt crack except for the occasional home video and nostalgic look at the February 1997 Playgirl edition, I can't imagine my coin slot being a nuisance. I just took a look at it in the mirror, and I've got to say it's rather charming and quaint. It almost looks like a little valley of inviting daffodils. The smell is another entry all together though...


I think the food we prepare for our kids are pretty healthy. It's certainly a lot more healthy than my daily menu of coffee, Twinkies, and raw bacon (Where's my lipitor?). We very rarely feed them anything out of a bottle, and everything we give them is pretty fresh. A typical day's worth of food probably includes: wheat toast, eggs, steamed chicken, tofu, blueberries, apple sauce, broccoli, carrots, and string cheese.

The one thing we do give them a few times a day are some baby treats like Arrowhead cookies or an assortment of Gerber snacks. After dinner last night, I gave the kids these little baby banana cookies and Crazy Grandma Ichikawa made a face (...not like yesterday's photo though...). I think she disapproved of giving the kids anything with sugar. What do you think? Are we wrong to give our kids these little treats once or twice a day? Or are we beginning a bad habit?

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