Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 476 - Sideshow Andrew

Look at that hair! It's out of control! Andrew looks like a little Japanese anime troll doll! Andrew looks like Phil Spector on a good hair day! Andrew looks like Lisa's unruly armpits!

As you can see, it has been quite some time since Andrew's last haircut. The first time he received a haircut was last September right before his birthday at this children's barber shop. And then right after Thanksgiving, I gave him a little trim around his ears. But his hair has been untouched since then.

Truthfully, I'm torn between giving him a full-fledged hair cut or taking him back to that relatively expensive kiddie barber shop (For $25 I could buy three HDMI cables on Amazon...including shipping!!!). I have all of the equipment to give Andrew a slaughter cut, but I'm a little unclear on what to do with that nuclear explosion on top of his head.

The last time I went to get my hair cut, I tried to take mental notes on what my barber was doing. Unfortunately, I'm fairly blind without my glasses on and all I could visually recall is a blurry woman with no fingers stabbing my head with celery. Pretty useless information unless you're trying to make a Japanese horror film.

My attempt can't be any worse than the time I was in college and went into Westwood to get a hair cut with my friend, Erik. Erik's barber made divots in his hair with a razor and attempted to cover it up by patting fallen hair into the bare patches. As for my hair, my generic style since middle school which I shall call "the parted rice bowl" was transformed into something which I shall call "a rice bowl." Here's a drawing of it:
Pretty awful right? I ended up looking like Linda Hunt from "The Year of Living Dangerously" for the next few months.

At the very least, I might try to use my electric razor and give Andrew a trim around his ear and neck. I won't touch the top of his hair, but maybe Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa can give me some tips. If Lazy Grandpa can make all of the bushes in his front yard look like perfect little circles, I'm sure he can help me tame Andrew's mop top.

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