Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 338 - Getting a Second Wave

I was planning to type a 10,000 word essay on how the television show "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" has invaded my home life like...well...ten uninvited guests who never leave. But my commute home from work tonight prevented that entry. What is usually a 30 minute commute turned into a 2 hour commute including a 30 minute pit stop for dinner. When you see a CalTrans sign flashing "EXPECT DELAYS OF TWO HOURS" that is when you get off the freeway and treat yourself to dinner and a strip club. And by strip club I mean a comic strip club. And by dinner I mean an itchy whore.

It's always a little sad to come home when the kids are asleep, but Lisa showed me this little video of Andrew that made me laugh. He's such a goofy goober. And by goofy goober I mean he's just like me.

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Susan Tajii said...

They both wave, how precious!