Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 330 - Poll Results and New Poll

Last week, I wondered what is the best way to take a car trip with one year old twins. I guess the majority of you are fatalists because 37% answered that there is no good way. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. And only one person voted that we should strap the kids to the luggage rack. But I will have to disqualify that vote because I do not think it is fair for spouses to vote. For shame Lisa.

I am almost resigned that this car trip is not going to be very pleasant at all. Since Emma and Andrew are so much more active now, I'm almost 100% sure that we will not be able to make the trip without a pit stop. But like my wise mom once told me: Sometime life is sucky.


Take a look at Andrew's hair:

It's getting a bit out of control, don't you think? He's like the off-spring of Vanilla Ice, Eraserhead, and Arnold from Happy Days.

Since it's the kids' birthday next month, Lisa and I have begun to talk about haircuts. Lisa wants the kids to go to one of those kiddie haircut places. I'm trying to convince Lisa that I can cut their hair. I researched baby haircuts on the internet last night, and it doesn't seem very difficult at all. There are just two simple rules: cut the hair straight and don't gouge their eyes.

What should we do about the haircut? Skip it? Do it?


Susan Tajii said...

Are you planning on getting Andrew's haircut before the wedding? I think you should use a professional, at least for the first time. Andrew is such an active little boy, I think it would be difficult to keep him still. Auntie Susan P.S. Sharp instruments and Andrew...not a good combo.

Anonymous said...

Cute hair do - keep it for awhile.

kevin said...

No hair cut for you!