Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 328 - Feeding Woes

I think I mentioned in an earlier post how Emma's feedings have become quite difficult. Several books and articles state that there might be a point where a baby will refuse to eat baby food. Emma is probably at that point right now.

Yet there are occasions when Emma is perfectly happy eating the baby food. She'll happily dine on jars of chicken noodle paste and congealed spaghetti puree. And really, who wouldn't be happy eating cuisine like that?

And when Emma doesn't want us to feed her, we let her grab the spoon and she scoops the delightful custard-like consistency of turkey and vegetables into her mouth. Emma seems to be a little more independent than Andrew right now. She's the one who can entertain herself, and Andrew's the one who will want attention and climb on your shoulders even if it means stepping on your balls to get there.

We are beginning to transition the kids into eating only solid foods. The problem is that Andrew still loves his baby food and isn't as crazy about the cubes of yam, tofu, and bananas that we put on his plate. So for the time being, we are stuck preparing both baby and solid food for each meal. The faster Andrew can give up the baby food, the sooner Emma's frantic feedings will end.

Here is a little video that shows a typical feeding with Emma. Enjoy while we continue cleaning our carpets...

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Be sure to bring a lot of bibs when you come up for the wedding! - Auntie Susan