Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 333 - Eleven Months Old

Emma and Andrew turned eleven months old today. It has become very difficult to get them to stay still and take pictures with the sign and the bears. We'll keep on trying to take photos, but I believe it will become an exercise in futility (unlike an exercise with Wii Fit which is Nintendoriffic!).

It's hard to believe it is almost a year, and almost two years since Lisa got knocked up and ended up looking like an overweight family at a Laughlin buffet. What really concerns me is that it is only a month before the birthday party. Plans are being made and set, and I'm slowly being dropped into this well of horrors. If I had it my way, this is the way their birthday would be celebrated: I would cut their hair in the morning, take them to the emergency room to stitch up their earlobes and cornea in the afternoon, and then top it off with birthday cake and whiskey. Now that's a party!


Anonymous said...

Put them next to the bears when they are asleep.

Susan Tajii said...

For their first year birthday picture, you should also post the first picture you took with those bears for comparison sake. - Auntie Susan