Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 326 - I'd Like to Thank All the Little People

So here's the story. I started this blog for two main reasons: to keep a running journal of the kids, and to create a place where family and friends can visit to see how Emma and Andrew are doing. It has been just over a year since I started the blog, and there are way more visits than I have friends. Granted I only have three friends, but who's counting? In August 2007, I received a total of 482 hits to the blog; last month I had 1,462 hits. What explains the increase in visits? I have no idea, but perhaps a small reason for it might be the search words I have recently included in this blog: "sexy", "video", and "zac efron".

I say all of this with much confusion because the other day I received a random comment. The comment was this:

I have something for you on my blog!

The last time that happened to me I was served a subpoena (long story, don't ask). With much hesitation, I checked around the room before I hit the link just in case dancing genitalia began to dance around my computer monitor. I clicked and was sent to this mommy blogger's site. As I skimmed her entry, I was shocked to find out that she nominated me for this "award":

I'm not only suppose to post this picture on my blog which rather embarrasses me, but there are also rules for the award. The rules are:

Once an award is received, you must:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add the link from the person that sent it to you.
3) Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4) Add those links to your blog.
5) Leave a message on their blog so they know they are nominated.

I've already completed Rule #1, so let me finish the rest. Here's the link to the blogger who nominated me: Fansy Pantsy Momma. And here are a handful of other blog sites that I'm going to nominate whether or not they want me to or not: Beinjoy, 3wells, Debbi Michiko Florence, I Am Brady Meade, Scslider, Ohoprah. I know that was only six blogs, but like I said I have very few friends.

So once again, thanks to Fansy Pantsy Momma -- where ever you are. I have absolutely no idea who you are, but in my book you are A-OK. You are so A-OK that you are welcome to babysit our twins for free anytime you're available. Really. Let me know. Tropic Thunder came out yesterday, and we would love to see it this Saturday. You free this Saturday evening? Of course we can't afford to pay you, but we do have Tivo and Mac and Cheese in the pantry.


fancypansy said...

LOL, you're welcome. I read your blog all the time, but rarely comment (though I have a few times) because I am too lazy to click out of my bloglines and do so.

I really enjoy your sense of well as your twins (I am a twin myself, so I am kinda partial to them...except I hate being a twin!). I have no clue how I ever ended up here!

fancypansy said...

P.S. I will be seeing Tropic Thunder myself this weekend, due to the fact that I masturbate to all things Robert Downey Jr. and need new fodder as soon as possible as I have worn out my Iron Man fantasies.'re on your own Saturday night.

d-michiko-f said...

Well, congratulations on the award, and for passing it along. And thank you for giving me an excuse to procrastinate a bit this morning. ;)

kevin said...

it is actually:

I guess it is ok if the links don't actually go anywhere?